Our Aims and Values

Explore our aims, values, mission, culture and USP as Swinton Primary Care Network.

Our Values

We are brave and make new opportunities happen.

We are caring and act with empathy and respect.

We are responsible and own our decisions and actions.

Our Culture

Democratic, open, empowered and transparent with resources allocated fairly across our network. Less bureaucracy, more teamwork with an inclusive approach.

Our Aims

We are committed to working as a formal network with one voice, sustaining and improving general practice and trusting each other to provide the best services that meet our combined populations’ needs.


We have a proven track record of working together and operating at scale; we have the knowledge, skills, and experience of managing and running significant out of hospital services.

Our Network

Together we can do more. We have adopted a facilitative approach by bringing the practices together to create mutual benefits.